It's like baby, baby, baby oooohhh Layne Flack has our haircut.

Layne Flack Stole Our Haircut

We always knew our Bieber Cut was going to be both mocked and mimicked, eventually sweeping the poker world as the do-of-choice by anyone that still had hair to pull it off, but we would’ve put…

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Layne Flack Chris Ferguson 2010 WSOP

Caption This

Just to set this one up, Layne Flack “appeared” effed up out of his mind on booze/drugs/glue/gasoline/paint/household cleaners earlier today and snatched Chris Ferguson‘s hat from him. Annoying obnoxiousness ensued. [nggallery id=”144″]

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Stop. Please.

Back in the summer of 2006, Jeff Madsen was on his way to becoming the best young mixed game tournament poker player in the world. How times have changed. Three years later, he’s basically a…

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