Anurag Dikshit (not pictured) miraculously avoided being handcuffed and carted off to jail for breaking no laws in a country he doesn\'t live in after being under no threat of extradition.

Anurag Dikshit Gets Probation

One of PartyGaming‘s founding employees, the unfortunately named Anurag Dikshit (pronounced ‘dick-shit’), has received one-year probation from the U.S. government, even though he lives in India and has never been an American citizen, for pleading…

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PartyPoker Signs Kara Scott as Team Member

Watch Girls Going Hard and Long at the 2008 WSOP on Interesting…VERY…interesting. We’ve been Kara Scott, a woman, fans for awhile now. Super cute, very cool, and driver of lots of “Kara Scott nude”…

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There are many things we'd buy with $750M, like, say, um, a Coca~Cola.

WTF Anurag Dikshit

The unfortunately named Anurag Dikshit is selling a huge remaining stake of his shares in PartyGaming. But here’s the kicker: he’s not selling them to buy a yacht, or a NFL franchise, or a new…

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