Cecilia Nordenstam at the 2009 WSOP Main Event

Cecilia Nordenstam Is Average

Above is Cecilia Nordenstam. She hails from Sweden. In U.S. America, guys would cut off their left arm for just one night with a girl like Cecilia. But in Sweden, where they actually kill you…

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Lauren Kling Has Potential

Watch Lauren Kling Is a Welcome Addition to Any WSOP on RawVegas.tv Poker could use more girls like Lauren Kling. You first saw Kling at the March Dream Team Poker tournament (view here). She went…

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Kevin Smith Plays Poker Too

Model actress Kim Smith (above) shares the same last name as writer/director/producer Kevin Smith. Since Clerks came out, Kevin Smith hadn't made a movie worth seeing for about 15 years (ok, fine, we'll listen to your Dogma…

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