The Year of The Comeback(TM)?

It was supposed to be The Year of the WomanTM? But that doesn’t look like it’ll happen now. So is the 2010 WSOP now The Year of the ComebackTM? Consider this: :: Although he’s had…

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Year of the Woman Update: Men 12, Women 0

Wasn’t this supposed to be the Year of the WomanTM? We’re 12 events into the 2010 WSOP, which means 12 bracelets have been given out… to 12 men. If our math math math math is…

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The 2010 WSOP is supposed to be the Year of the Woman, which hopefully means we'll be seeing plenty of Sara Underwood.

2010 WSOP Preview Guide

(Editor’s Note: The 2010 WSOP is only a few weeks away. So time to start regularly posting about it. Most of the following post appears in this month’s issue of Bluff Magazine. For the full…

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