Take Your Pick: Carmen Electra Dancing Through Hoops or a Vegas Pin-Up Girls Pillow Fight

For the lack of any real poker news, and for the sake of illimitable libidos, pick your afternoon poison:

:: 11 photos of the fantastically hot Carmen Electra, who happens to be our new favorite lesbian, performing with her Bombshell Babes (not to be confused with the Bombshell Poker Girls) at the Dinah Shore Weekend, a lesbiana festiana we weren’t invited to.

:: A RawVegas.tv video of the Vegas Pin-Up Girls doing what all girls do when they get together in hotel rooms — they get half-naked and start pillow fighting.

If all that wasn’t hot enough for you, after the jump we turn the “sexy” quotient up even higher with a photo of poker nerd/champion Bill Chen dancing half-nakedly on a stripper pole in Monte Carlo at the Dusk Till Dawn Party. We’d tell you that Owen from PokerListings shared the image with us but we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t want credit for that.

Sorry that isn’t Bill Chen above, just some smoking hot Dusk Till Dawn girl getting groped.

Ok, here we go.

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For cooking with dill weed info, click here.


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  1. snake

    April 4, 2007 2:50 pm, Reply

    It looks like Roland because it is Roland, but who are we to embarrass Roland like that by mentioning Roland’s name.

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