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Players are dropping fast after the dinner break. Dealers are shouting “All in call at table X” (this is required so ESPN cameras can rush over and film) seemingly every minute. Unfortunately for Brit Barry Paskin (talking with Chops in pic), after the dealer called out the all-in, Paskin hollered the ultimate WSOP no-no.

Fbomb_1“Come on baby! Come on baby! Yeeeeeessss!” Then, he said the mother of all bad words. The coup de gras. The F dash dash dash word.


WSOP officials have warned players that the F-bomb is to be dismantled. If you say it, you’re assessed a 10 minute penalty away from the table. Barry said it twice. So right after he doubled his (very) short-stack, he had to leave the table for 20 minutes. As he explained to us, “I’ve got energy, passion, and love for this game and they’ve kicked me off the table!”

AmirmoneymakerBarry’s not the only one letting words fly. Just like the 2003 WSOP final table, Chris Moneymaker (foreground left) and Amir Vahidi (top right) find themselves battling over pots. Their conversation is more friendly though. After Moneymaker bet Vahidi out of another pot, Amir said, “Now that you’re a better player, I know not to play these hands against you.” Moneymaker told him, “Inexperienced Chris was better.” Vahidi laughed. Moneymaker followed, “Experienced Chris knows better. I think he’s a worse player. The more I know, the worse I am.” Moneymaker is doing just fine now though, with a stack around 30k. Vahidi is doing even better, pushing 50k.

In a follow-up to the Hellmuth-Kleinstub verbal sparring story, we spoke with Kleinstub for awhile before the beginning of level 5. He told us that Hellmuth’s badgering was actually helpful. Hellmuth told him to slow it down, “this is a long tournament.” Kleinstub was smart in applying this “advice” to his game, and has been playing more selectively since. This is Kleinstub’s first live tournament, having won his seat in a $160 Poker Stars tournament. He’s still hanging strong.

Phil Hellmuth is stacked and listening to rap music…


Hellmuth walked away from the featured table for a minute to talk to his wife. While there, he was bouncing up and down, iPod still in his ear. A spectator asked, “What are you listening to?”

“Rap.” Hellmuth says. “What about Styx?” the guy asks him. Hellmuth laughed, totally busted. He’s admitted before that he listens to Styx while playing. “This is my 14 year old’s iPod,” he tells the guy.

RobamberElsewhere, famed trash-talker Boston Rob from Survivor, Amazing Race, and I Married Amber on TV for $1 Million is actually doing well, with about 17k. Note to Wicked Chops Women (and all poker player’s wives): Amber’s been watching Rob the whole time, supporting his poker addiction. And she’s the millionaire. What a woman.

Men the Master is playing Chinese poker with a stack of $100’s at a side table. Not sure if he can make his 10k entry fee back playing that game, but it’s worth a shot.

Also out, but hanging on much longer than the Master, was Cyndy Violette, who finally ended her WSOP run at around 11:00pm. Beauty, brains and class, Violette is the real deal and she had an amazing year at the WSOP with three final table appearances including a 2nd place finish.

Peter Costa and Cigar McKinney are sharing a table, each with his unique poker stylings. Cigar is going through one phat stogie after another, even though he’s unable to lite ’em up in the room, while Costa is trying his best to do the Unabomber move without a hoodie. In between the two is a young player who seems a few generations out of place.

And finally 4th Streeter Von Sandman is building an impressive stack. He’s got around 30k in front of him. Also in front of him is a player whose disability forces him to play poker using only his feet (his feet are logo’d with We’re not kidding. You can’t make this stuff up.



6 Responses

  1. Wicked Chops Poker

    July 9, 2005 7:15 pm, Reply

    Believe he told us he had pocket Kings. Must’ve been called by someone with an Ace that hit the Ace (or had pocket Aces). But Kleinstub said he said he couldn’t have played better, just had a couple of bad beats.

  2. Andrew Torrey

    September 14, 2005 8:44 pm, Reply

    Hey Kleinstub won a huge event at Pokerstars $117,000…did you know this..though you would follow..he is tough online..too bad not at the WSOP

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