Tao of Poker Now AbsolutePoker.com

As CJ commented on the below post, Tao of Poker now strangely directs you to Absolute Poker, which reminds us of the time we ran into one of the guys who runs Absolute Poker and asked him if he read our “Intern with Absolute Poker, Marry a Costa Rican, Get Herpes” post, to which he responded: “My wife is Costa Rican.”


Anyway, Absolute Poker is home to some of our favorite pros, including Lacey Jones, Casey Kastle, the Grinder and our favorite favorite, Mark Seif, who we love [fist double-pumping chest-area] but he may not like us anymore because he’s been representing Crispin Leyser and we recently said that Jamie Gold’s lawyers made a compelling legal argument, as high dollar sharky shysters are known/paid high dollars to do.

This makes us sad, so after the jump, a Bennetts Babes video to cheer us up…


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  1. CJ

    November 10, 2006 6:56 pm, Reply

    Well… it’s not like they’d be reporting on problems at 4th Street Poker Tour 😉
    Pauly, on the other hand, is an institution!
    I think I might pull a stunt over at Up For Poker just to see where I stand in the hierarchy.

  2. The Addict

    November 10, 2006 7:08 pm, Reply

    WCP has much love for 4th Street Poker Tour — they are definitely on our radar. Also, looks like Pauly is back and Tao of Poker Blog Watch 2006 is over and now its back to our normal duty of peddling pics of hot chicks. Snake should be posting this weeks parting shot any second now.

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