Tara Conner Lets Go of the Yeyo

TarachomeIf you didn’t know, we have a “thing” for pageant chicks . . . well, at least the ones who think the word “morals” is fancy talk for “shagging judges, posing for Playboy, lip-sticking it to other chicks and slutting it out in clubs.”

And no pageant chick exemplifies everything we dig about them more than Miss USA Tara Conner (seen here doing the look-from-behind and in the pics after the jump). Yes, Conner, who heroically turned down an interview with Oprah, is moving one step closer every day to being crowned the OWCPG of 2007, contingent primarily on her regularly posing pruriently in magazines that we only read for the articles.

As you may have heard, Tara Conner recently admitted to using cocaine, a powdery diet and energy supplement popular with pageant chicks, supermodels, former mayors, TV stars and midgets, and although some people are hating on Tara for this, including former Miss USA-ers and some mouthy, narcissistic blonde on YouTube, please don’t think for one minute that being a yeyo junkie tarnishes Tara’s stature in any way, to us. Because it’s hard work being a pageant chick, and it’s especially tough staying thin and “on” all the time, and we all occasionally need a little boost, whether it be from caffeine, a little sugar, a few lines of “gutter glitter” or a liquid soused with chemicals from the bull cock of sea animals.

KatiereescakeAll of this, by the way, reminds us of the time, just a few days ago, that someone told us that they were told by someone else who was told by another someone who was at JET in the Mirage the other night that someone who is the former Miss Nevada was lining up a few gakkers herself in the bathroom. Of course, we have no idea if this is true, and we really can’t say and really don’t care. But if it is, we’ll just chalk it up to her trying to burn a few calories after kobayashi-ing the other kind of cake earlier in the night (as seen in the pic – click to enlarge).

Go ahead and burn a few calories yourself, to pics of Miss USA Tara Conner after the jump…



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