Thank You, Full House with Johnny Chan

As we said, we’re catching up after a couple of off-weeks. And this one deserves its own post.

This trailer/sizzle reel for Full House with Johnny Chan is absolutely off the unintentional comedy charts. This makes Matt Marafioti’s pilot look like Homeland.

Oh yeah, it’s also not a joke. This was made for real. You may think it’s a joke. Like Johnny lost a prop bet where he had to make the most asinine, embarrassing sizzle reel in the history of sizzle reels…but it’s not. He really agreed to do this. He saw the final cut and said, “let’s put it out there.” We’d had to see Johnny Chan’s DVR list.

The vid is cast with rejects who wouldn’t even have made the original Jersey Shore casting call. It’s just…awesome. Like if a trainwreck watched a trainwreck happen.

And the “fuck the police” part at the end…just…thank you. Thank you so much. Johnny Chan…the master!…of awful sizzler reals!

Enjoy while you’re on a final table commercial break.


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