Thank You Schmiech

Congratulations to Dan Schmiech for winning Event #28 ($5,000 Limit Hold’em)–but more importantly, thank you, as we now do not have to come up with any more Mr. Kotter jokes.  Yes, the well had run dry in that joke basin.

Dan managed to beat out Mr. Kotter (Gabe Kaplan) heads-up for his first WSOP bracelet, paying out a hefty sum of $404,585.  Kaplan is getting dangerously close to having "Gabe Kaplan, chasing his ever-elusive first bracelet…" as the suffix to his name.  This second place finish goes along with two 3rds and one 5th place finish.  Granted, we’d take a 2nd, two 3rds, and one 5th place WSOP final table finishes (not to mention two 8ths as well) over what we’re doing any day of the week, so we’ll just stop typing about it riiiiiigggghttt…now.

Other notable finishes include: 4th: Annie Duke – $88,500, 5th: Joe Sebok – $75,860, 7th: Jeff Shulman – $50,570, 8th: Young Phan – $37,930, 10th: Amir Vahedi – $15,170, 19th: Nick Frangos – $7,585, 21st: Men "the Master" Nguyen – $7,585, 22nd: Phil Laak – $7,585, and 24th: Chau Giang – $7,585.


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