That Asian Chick with the Polish Name Leads WPT World Championship; Guy with Girl’s Name Second

"How many Polaks does it take to crush the competition at the WPT World Championship at the Bellagio?"

Header1Until this year, that question would just receive a laugh and a shrug. "Polaks…playing poker? Now that’s high comedy…" you’d say. "They’re soooo stupid!" you’d say, because you are racist.

Then we’d say something like, "Oh, we left out the best part. It’s not only a Polak…but it’s a Polak woman. Sort of. We think." At which time you’d have a heart-attack or jump out of a 10-story building window because you’d think the end was surely near.

While we have not yet confirmed the exact originals of her ethnicity, let’s have some fun with this and say that Anna Wroblewski, the Asian woman (so she’s smart) with a deceptively Polish sounding name (so she’s not so smart…damn this is perplexing) who won a prelim Five-Star event last week and cashed in another, is the Day 1a chip leader at the WPT World Poker Championship.

Stacked at 235,000, she’s trailed by WCP-fave Shannon Shorr (175,000).

Other notable big stacks (according to Card Player…the WPT counts are significantly different) include but are not limited to: Lyle Berman (140k), Isaac Haxton (135k), Jeff Cabanillas (121k), Daniel Alaei (115k), Marcel Luske (112k), Hoyt Corkins (107k), Jamie Gold (105k), Joe Sebok (105k), Josh Arieh (95k), Gavin Smith (87k…although he said he was at 67k), Phil Hellmuth (81k), and Phil Ivey (81k).

Get the full WPT counts here. For more Polish jokes, here.


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