That Guy with the French-Sounding Name Leads Foxwoods Day 1B Action

Fpclogo07smJean-Robert Bellande, who ironically was born in New York and lives in LA but has an air of pomposity (and name) that implies he’d surrender at the mere indication of foreign troops stepping foot in his country, ended Day 1b of the Foxwoods Poker Classic as the chip leader stacked at 173,075.

A guy with a name that indicates less "capitulating pussy" and more like "will whack you if you cross him," Frankie Flowers, ended strong with 135,575.

And continuing his strong run is Mark Seif, ending the day stacked at 105,500.

Other notable bigs remaining include Nam Le and Kathy Liebert. Thanks to WCP reader James for pointing out to us that Liebert almost won a $4,800 + $200 buy-in Foxwoods prelim event, coming in second, which given the fact that she is a woman is not only impressive, but also very scary, because last we checked, women don’t win big poker tourneys. Damn you, suffrage movement.

* Special thanks to Wikipedia for providing the majority of our text links in this article.


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