That World Series of Barbecue Pool Party Wasn’t Bad

GoldennuggetWe tend to stay away from things that involve poker players in bathing suits and barbecues outside in 100 plus degree heat. Nevertheless we stopped by the World Series of Barbecue at the Golden Nugget pool last night, and despite the lack of hardcore drugs, ninja midgets and an Aristrocrat-style orgy (did we lose a war or something?) and the fact that it was hosted by the Lederererers and that old guy poker pro with the creepy moustache who was on an episode of The Cathouse, it wasn’t bad. We’re not sure if they gave out any awards during the night but if they did and came up with them while sitting on the can this morning they’d go something like:

• Best Karaoke Performance by a Drunk Canadian Who Doesn’t Suck as Bad as Nickelback Because Nothing Sucks as Bad as Nickelback: Gavin Smith with some six-year-old girl singing “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond

• Best Really Awkward Moment of the Night: Gavin Smith singing the lyrics “Touching Me, Touching You” to the six-year-old girl during “Sweet Caroline”

• Best Karaoke Performance By A Drunk Canadian Who Doesn’t Suck as Bad as Alanis Morrisette Because Nothing Sucks as Bad as Alanis Morrisette, except for Nickelback:‘s Eric Newby singing “Mandy” by Barrily Manilow

• Best Hot, Leggy Asian Girl Who Spends Way Too Much Time Playing Guitar Hero: Evelyn Ng

• Best Karaoke Performance by a Certifiably Insane Guy: Dutch Boyd singing “Puff the Magic Dragon”

• Best Performance by a White Guy Thinking He’s Dope/Crunk/Fly or Whatever The Brothers Say These Days: Jeff Madsen freestyling with Phil Ivey‘s cousin, as in real, biologically-related cousin (YouTube video coming soon here)

• Best Hot Lesbians-At-The-Moment Couple: Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho

• Best Karaoke Performance by a Sexy Hot Tiffany Michelle Singing “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” in Nothing But a Tiny Bikini Top and Jeans: Tiffany Michelle

• Best Cougar with Pigtails: Michele Lewis

• Best Performance by Two Hot Blondes Who Like to Shower Together When Getting Ready for a Party, or At Least That’s What We Imagined: Lacey Jones and Christina Lindley

• Best Performance Standing There Looking Ridiculously Hot and Talking with a British Accent: Perfect 10 model Leilani Dowding

• Best Guitar Hero Performance by a Girl Dressed Like This: Joe Bartholdi‘s hot girlfriend

• Best Poker Journalist Who Was Once Lost But Now Is Found: BJ Nemeth



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