The 2006 WSOP is a Big Deal


Like an electrical current powering a lamp and TV in your bedroom, the convention center at the Rio today was electric, as hordes of people gathered about, buzzing like a swarm of bees, although not angry bees, but more like happy bees that are anxious to pollinate some pretty sunflowers, with anticipation of what has turned into the world’s biggest sporting event: The World Series of Poker.

Even the so-called "mass media," which is similar to the so-called "Internet," the so-called "mafia," and the so-called "AIDS virus," yet different in ways we simply don’t have time to cover in this post or on this so-called "blog," is abuzz with poker. For example, USA Today has a full WSOP feature in its Sports section. Included is a "10 Personalities to Watch", a feature on Mike "the Mouth" Matasow, and some thoughts on why poker is so hot.

But we’re not here to give you broad generalities and vague descriptions of distant poker action. That’s what Card Player is for. So keep refreshing your browser like freaking crazy, as we are about to update the living shit out of this here "blog." Plus by refreshing, you’ll seriously help our ad rates. Thanks.


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