The 2006 WSOP: Where We’re At

After six days of play, 1,159 runners remain at the 2006 WSOP. Only 286 eliminations to go until we reach the money. The remaining players come together today at noon, and play will stop when the field is whittled down to 600.

As is increasingly the case, the field is dotted with many more unknown players than established pros. Leading everyone right now is PokerStars qualifier Dmitri Nobles. PokerStars again sent the most [unknown] players to the ME, and still have 170 remaining in the field.

DannywstrippersOf the “name” pros looking to advance today, Daniel Negreanu leads the way, stacked at 331,000. Other notable big stacks include: Jeff Cabanillas – 210,000, Shannon Shorr – 190,000, Allen Cunningham – 172,000, David Chiu – 150,000, Joe Hachem – 142,200, Humberto Brenes – 110,000, and Ted Forrest – 125,000. Some notables still in but needing to make a move include: Cyndy Violette – 85,000, Mark Vos – 84,000, Carlos Mortensen – 82,500, Josh Arieh – 82,000, Chris Ferguson – 60,000, Layne Flack – 25,000, and Phil Ivey – 23,400.

While none of our Sweats made it to Day 3, a FOWCP and PokerStars qualifier, Vaughn Sandman, has played some great poker, and is stacked at 163k (good for 84th overall). He’ll be sitting next to defending champ Joe Hachem today.

Check back throughout the day for updates, and Tao of Poker for some live blogging.

Finally, after the jump, some interesting Day 3 stats from Quest’s blog:

:: Number of players left:  1,159

:: Largest Stack:  $549.2k

:: Smallest Stack:  $1.1k

:: Average Stack:  $76k

:: Median Stack:  $64.2k

:: Number of players to nuke before cashing:  286

:: Blinds when resume (1 hour):  $600/1200 w/ $200 ante (pot is $3,800)

:: Top ten chipleaders hold 3.8% of chips in play

:: Top 10% of chips held by 30 players

:: Top 25% of chips held by 106 players

:: Bottom 10% of chips held by 113 players


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  1. Gil

    August 4, 2006 7:51 am, Reply

    Have been reading your blog for about a year now. We are from Atlanta as well and are trying to ‘sweat’ one of our own. Since all yours are gone, can you pick up Mark Popkin? He is a short stack at around 18,000.

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