The 2007 WSOP Main Event Final Table Is Lacking in Luster

Two days ago, it was looking promising.

WsopRemaining were some of the game’s biggest names: Hansen, Mortensen, Edler, Brenes, Nguyen (Scotty), Seed, Lamas.

We had celeb star power: Maguire, Simon, Sully.

We had great nicknames: Nordberg, Deep Dicken, Fucking Varkonyi, Scarf-Wearing Euro.

Today…we don’t have much to show for it.

The 2007 WSOP Main Event final table is set, and given what it could’ve been, it isn’t much.

Of the well-known pros, the only survivor is Lee Watkinson. A great player, respected, well-liked guy for sure, but not quite the stature of Dan Harrington, Mike Matusow, and Allen Cunningham we’ve had the past couple of years.

That’s not to say a new star like Greg Raymer, David Williams, Josh Arieh, "Salty" Joe Hachem, or Paul Wasicka won’t be born. The record clearly shows that someone from this year’s final table will emerge as a force down the road. Of note, respected Internet pro Hevad  "Rain" Khan is the kind of outrageous personality that, if he can last long enough for significant TV time, will have people talking.

And we suppose that it is interesting that the final table has two guy’s named Lee, none of which are Asian, and two Asians, none of which are named Lee. But that’s about all we got.

The chip leader heading into final table play is Philip Hilm from Denmark, stacked at 22,070,000. He has three cashes in his career totaling $157,415. Hilm is trailed by Tuan Lam of Ontario, Canada. Lam has two previous tournament cashes totaling just over 10 grand. He’s stacked at 21,315,000.

The aforementioned Watkinson is sixth overall, bringing 9,925,000 to final table play. And Rain Khan is seventh, stacked at 9,205,000. Both clearly have some work to do.

Today is an off-day. Final table plays begins Tuesday at noon.

Get the rest of the final table chip counts after the jump, or hit Poker News. For more information about each final table player, visit Poker Pages.


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