The 2013 WSOP Seniors Event Was Big

Hey, a GOTR, kinda.

Hey, a GOTR, kinda.

What the fuck, old people?!

The 2013 WSOP Seniors event brought in a field of just over 4,400. We heard screaming, hooting, and hollering from the WSOP Command Center, with someone shouting, “That would be a record, bitches!” Not sure if it was Ty, Effel, Vogel, or Seth. Actually, wait, it was Welman.

So to quote Jess Welman, “That would be a record, bitches!”*

We did the math math math on this, and there is more than 255,000 life years playing the event. At least. For real.

Reader TS suggested to us to do a post of Hottest Women Over 50 to commemorate the event. However, as we all know, there’s no such thing as a hot woman over 50.**

With the Seniors event clocking 4,400, and the Millionaire Maker bringing in over 6,000, the 2013 WSOP has clocked the two single highest entry days in the history of poker.


In other news, 2013 WSOP Event #23 ($2,500 7CS) is down to the final table, with Scott Seiver, Michael Mizrachi, and David Chiu among those battling for a bracelet. Follow the action here.

And yesterday, Event #21 ($3,000 NLH Six-Handed) saw Germany’s Martin Finger beat Matt Stout heads-up for a bracelet. Get full results here.

* Took some liberties there, actual quote was more like, “I believe we have over 4,400 people playing the event. That’s a record, am I correct?”
* Except for you, Jennifer Tilly. You age defying hot piece of…


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