The Apple Doesn’t Fall Very Far…

Todd Brunson earned his first WSOP bracelet last night by besting a field of 359 to take Event #21 ($2,500 Omaha Hi-Lo Split).  While sibling tandems own bracelets (most notably Lederer/Duke), no father-son combo had ever boasted duel bracelets until now. 

Todd has been respected by his peers for a long time, but many outsiders considered him to be just another Jack Nicklaus Jr., Jakob Dylan, Pete Rose Jr., Jason Bonham, or Blanket Jackson.  Hopefully this victory will erase those doubts.

Brunson was at or near the chip lead for a majority of play, and eventually out-lasted Allen Kessler for the crown.  On the final hand, Kessler was is all-in preflop, holding Ac-Jh-10c-5d. Brunson called him with the 9d-6c-2c-2d. The flop produced Ks-10h-3c, giving Kessler the lead (tens against ducks). A 4d hit on the turn, giving Brunson a gut-shot straight draw.  He could’ve also split the pot with an Ace, or scoop it all with a 5.  Well, the river produced a 5c, giving Brunson a six-high straight that scooped the pot.  In the end, the chip off the old block ended up with all of the chips, his first WSOP bracelet, and $255,945. 


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