The Best Football We’ve Seen this Bowl Season

Jessica_alba_bikiniFile this post under “The best football we’ve seen this bowl season” (or second best, actually) or howabout “Your life sucks compared to Jessica Alba’s boyfriend’s, even if he does have some dumbass armband tattoo” or better yet “We really should change Wicked Chops Poker to Wicked Chops Jessica Alba and Freaky Ass Pageant Chicks” or perhaps “No Kid Dynamite, that last post was not a start of a trend.”

Or maybe we just get to the point and go with, “Start 2007 off right with these 15 photos over at of Jessica Alba throwing a football in her bikini.”

After the jump, a query worth considering (with photos of course to aid your decision)?

¬øQuien es mas smokin’ hot en la playa? ¬øJessica Biel o Jessica Alba?



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  1. schecky

    January 4, 2007 4:46 pm, Reply

    Hmmm….Look at that throwing form. See how she’s too square to the target, and how much she leads with her shoulder? She’ll have shoulder and/or elbow problems by the time she hits her third year in the league.

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