The Best of the Worst: Jamie Gold WSOP Headlines

There’s a saying about people who live in glass houses throwing stones.

Glasshouse_1It’s a saying that we often stones rocks at, or choose to ignore.

One of the overlooked benefits to the dominating Jamie Gold WSOP win (and ensuing lawsuit) is the volume of uninspired or lazy headlines it has produced. We, in fact, have had one or two of our own (See: No One As Good as Gold).

However, this will not stop us from pointing out the faults of others, because in a lot of ways, that is our job. After the jump are some of our favorite Jamie Gold headlines from other "media":

How Jamie earned gold at WSOP – Philadephia Daily News
With a suit on the table, judge freezes half of $12M poker prize – The Star-Ledger
All that glitter is not Gold’s, says lawsuit seeking half of poker win – Las Vegas Sun
Malibu poker player strikes ‘gold’ – Malibu Times
Jamie Gold wins World Series of Poker – AP News (come on, guys, at least TRY)
Gold Strike! Television Producer Jamie Gold Wins $12 Million At World Series of Poker Main Event – Harrah’s Press Release
Ex-agent acts his way to victory – Fort Worth Star Telegram (he was an agent, not an actor…what if Ben Afflect won, would their headline be: "Ex-actor agents his way to victory)
Green is Gold’s new favorite color – Philadelphia Daily News


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    August 25, 2006 2:48 pm, Reply contacted us and asked for rights to publish as did ESPN poker club, if you see a pic there.

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