The Best Thing CardPlayer Has Ever Done

CardPlayer was once the industry giant for poker news (today, it’s Poker News).

However, their shoddy reporting of the 2006 WSOP began the downfall. And Barry Shulman’s strong-arming tactics left many in the industry rooting against the mag.

Recently, they’ve fallen off the relevancy map, unless you love strategy articles on how to bet sixth street in seven card stud hi/lo.

This is a shame, as they employ a really solid staff of journalists who don’t get enough credit for the good work they do.

Fortunately for the aforementioned journalists, they banged out the above video, which may very well be the best thing that CardPlayer has ever done.

After watching it, we’re convinced that CardPlayer employed the same filming techniques with Jason Mercier as David Fincher did with Armie Hammer in portraying the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network.

Seriously the resemblance between Mercier and his evil twin is uncanny.

In related news, 24 remain in the WSOP Circuit $10k Regional. John Patgorski leads. Justin Smith, David “Bakes” Baker, Shannon Shorr, Brandon Adams, Bernard Lee, and Adam Levy also remain. Get full chip counts here.


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