The British Blogs Are Coming

Coverfebruary2006All In magazine has launched one of those so-called “websites” to accompany its print edition, and on this “website” they feature a so-called “blog monitor” (think Blogs On Poker) that lists about 200 or so poker blogs and regularly posts headlines and snippets from these blogs including yours truly. In announcing said “website” in a press release, Eric Raskin, managing editor of All In, had the following to say:

“There are some great blogs out there. They include Pokerati, Guinness and Poker, Tao of Poker, Bill Rini, Wicked Chops Poker and Absinthe’s Troubles.”

Now, I haven’t heard of any of these other blogs before and I’m not sure any are the real deal. I mean “Guinness and Poker“? Are you kidding me? How could a poker blog named “Guinness and Poker” ever last long in the blogosphere? And “Tao of Poker“? I’ve heard of the “Tao of Pooh” but “Tao of Poker“? I just went to that site and all I saw was a big photo of Jessica Alba at the Oscars. Seriously man, what do hot chicks have to do with a poker blog?

Ok, kidding aside, we do appreciate the mention and definitely encourage all to visit the above poker blogs, some of the best around. Moving on to the point of this post though, I came across an entry over at Howard Swains’ blog referencing the All In announcement and encouraging Raskin to “look over the Atlantic as well, where several British players and observers give poker a prominent place in the blogosphere.”

Swains, an amateur poker player out of London who writes great articles on poker for The Times, is certainly right, and we encourage you to follow his suggestion and regularly check out what player/bloggers are saying across the pond.

The following are some of the blogs Swains recommends:

Ben Grundy – The Daily Telegraph poker writer and professional player details his high-stakes exploits.

David “pommo” Pomroy – The latest addition to Virgin poker’s roster.

Julian Thew – One of the best tournament professionals in the UK, keeps a blog called YoYo Poker.

Antes Up – Covers the latest from the Irish poker scene.

And since we’re being all international and stuff, go check out Spanish language poker blog, P√≥quer-Red. It’s one of our favorites even though we don’t speak a lick of Spanish.

p.s. – If you want more hi-res shots of the stunning Jessica Alba from the Oscars than what you see over at Pauly’s site, go here, here, here, and here.


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