The Buckhead Jumper: One Slip Away From a REALLY Bad Beat

John Spinks/AJC

No, that isn’t one of the players in the WCP freezeout game last night after getting sucked out on the river. Instead, meet Carl Roland, the man who has kept Atlanta’s Buckhead district at a standstill for the past 16 hours or so as he remains perched on a crane 25 stories up.

Not only did Carl delay the WCP freezout game by 30 minutes as our rounders did a veritable sit ‘n’ go through traffic–then through a series of detours in case he made the great leap onto the hood of our cars–he also had an eagle eye view of the bad beat bash taking place just a block away.

With half of the Atlanta Police Department focused on this murder suspect turned jumper (and the other half still looking for Brian Nichols–"he’s in jail guys, remember the blonde chick got him?"), there was no one around to stop the thievery and assaults at the WCP tables. Early on, just as Carl "The Jumper" was putting his crane legs on, Sammy "Killer" Reid practically shook the man down after finding out his flopped set of Queens were up against Sunny’s flopped Aces full of Queens. Damn.

Soon thereafter we had to restrain Chops from being the Jumper’s crane-mate after his pocket Queens got busted by trip 9’s on the river. Then moving on to the final table, the Addict began to ponder what’s worse: getting fed a steady diet of J-x at the final table or having to clean a jumper off his hood while stuck in Buckhead traffic. And finally, after a couple of side game turbos split by Snake and Lightning, Snake introduced Lighting to the intricacies of Omaha Hi/Lo when he showed how quad 9s are no good against a Jack-high straight flush.

So Carl, as we watched you dangle there all night, we realized that, in a sense, you were just like us: busted out and desperately wanting another chance. The big difference though is that we’ll get to ante up again, and if you make it down from the crane and serve your life-long sentence in the clink, the only nuts you’ll be facing won’t have anything to do with an Ace high flush.


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