The Color of Money

There’s plenty of ways to kill time at the poker table. You can disengage while drifting away to your iPod. You can pull the string on your hoody and imagine you’re someplace else. Or…you can bring a portable DVD player and watch The Color of Money, like one guy we watched at table 76.

So much for observing players the habits and betting paterns of your foes.

Of course ESPN HAD TO interview this guy. You’ll see Chops in the background if it airs.

Chris “Jesus” Ferguson has, from what we can tell, a strong table. He’s sitting on the most chips there (although he lost about half of his stack on a semi-bluff…his A-K didn’t hit a gutshot straight against an opponent with trip 10’s). Another young player named Patri Friedman (sitting two to the left of Ferguson) is also playing strong, sitting on close to 16k when we walked away.

We caught Mimi Rogers observing (she plays tomorrow) from the rail. A few tables from her, players were picking Mike Caro’s brain on poker strategy.


Phil Laak looks utterly tormented. He’s sitting on about 8k. In much better shape though is defending champ Greg Raymer, now with 48k in front of him. The overall chip leader as of now is Joe Rafferty with 78k.

Every time we walk by Lee Watkinson he’s amassed more chips. Now he’s piled up close to 50k. Mike Sexton is wearing pink but seeing green with close to 18k. And Shannon Elizabeth is looking nice with around 15k. She’s also looking nice.


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