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It’s hard work always trying to make a story about Keeley Hazell or Sienna Miller or Giselle Bundchen or whoever we fancy at the moment somehow relate to poker. Hard, hard work. Crap, half the time we make the stuff up just so we can share a pic with you. Seriously. We’re crazy like that. But those crazy days are over, because life isn’t just about poker you know. It’s also sometimes about pondering Lindsay Lohan’s constantly changing breasts size. And that’s why we’ve created the Daily Dump‚Ñ¢, a daily dump of links, if you will, to pics, videos and stories we come across over at some of our regular reads that we think you’ll enjoy and have nothing to do with poker. Sure, it will generally be links to girls you should be introduced to or reacquainted with or whatever you choose to do with, but that may or may not be the entire scope of it. We just don’t know yet. Just like we don’t know if the Dump‚Ñ¢ will actually be daily, which if you’re a regular reader of Wicked Chops Poker, you probably won’t be holding your breath.

Gemma_small Gemma Atkinson, just another British babe who likes to say “boobs.” (quasi-NSFW)
Ivan_small Are NASCAR WAGS hotter than Soccer WAGS?
Flickr and
Lindsaylohan Lindsay Lohan may or may not have implants. We may or may not care. and
Brasilian_soccer_girl Psst. Did you know some hot girls are in Germany for the World Cup? and Fox Sports
Katebosworthsmall One (and only) reason to see Superman Returns: Kate Bosworth.

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