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Keeleycalendar Keeley Hazell, the official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006, is already making a play at the title in 2007 with her new calendar. – (unapologetically NSFW, as always)
PopeburnIf we were a news blog, we’d probably do a post on the whole Pope offending Muslims uproar that read something like this. –
Jessicaalbasand_1Jessica Alba getting a Costa Rican enema. –
Farting_granny_1 The complete opposite of the Jessica Alba video above. –
Christina_aguilera_1 The first two rows of pics here are mostly of Christina Aguilera’s face. In other words, click the link and scroll down. – SaveManny
Kbshootthumb In case you were wondering whatwho “actor” Billy Zane has been doing since Titanic. –
Redbull1 This office is exactly like the Wicked Chops Poker office minus everything you see except for maybe the copy machine and a few chairs. –
MelitaMelita Toniolo is the hottest Latin chick we’ve seen in the last cinco minutos. –
ScottstappdouchebagThis video of Scott Stapp has very little to do with poker and everything to do with why he’s a total douchebag. –

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  1. jason

    September 21, 2006 3:37 pm, Reply

    does it make me weird that i was just as turned on by granny blowing ass as i was at seeing jessica alba’s ass?

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