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We must confess. We’ve lost sight of what’s important lately. We’ve been so focused on “hard-hitting” news, like Shana Hiatt getting Peacock-blocked by the WPT, Richard Lee getting raided by the SAPD, and Jamie Gold spamming cyberspace for hot moms as Crispin Leyser lays claim to half of his $12 mil, that we’ve lost touch with our softer side that selflessly likes to share with you pics/videos of Keeley Hazell and Joanna Krupa and present (ir)regular features like the Friday Night Parting Shot Girl and The Daily Dump‚Ñ¢. And for this, we’re sorry, and we hope today’s Daily Dump is just the beginning of making amends, whatever that word means.

Joanna_krupa_wetpic_1 Don’t just think of Joanna Krupa as another pretty girl playing poker. No this girl also knows how to pose wearing next-to-nothing like a frickin’ champ. –
Keeleyhazelldd_1Our favorite new photos of the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006 – Keeley Hazell. – (NSFW – meaning: open at work, lose your job)
Keeleyhazelldd1_2No wait, these are our favorite new photos of the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006 – Keeley Hazell. – (NSFW, which is what you should always ass-ume when it comes to Keeley Hazell photos)
SuriSorry, totally inappropriate here, but Tom and Kate’s little girl has to be the cutest Asian baby with a toupee we’ve seen in a long time. –
Nemcova If Petra Nemcova wasn’t dating that whiny, Frodo-tall, Brit singer, James Blunt, she’d have a shot at being our official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of something. Her loss. These 4 pages of pics though are our win. –
Wsopgirls3_betusThis model we photographed at the WSOP is all over this video, as are a bunch of other models and some tool named Charlie. –
Wsopgirls6_bodoggirlBodog Girls always make us feel at home, and if this was our home, we’d never leave. –
Pamc_1Pamela Camassa is the hottest Latin girl we’ve seen in the last cinco minutos. –

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