The Deal from Event #1 at WSOP

DealersbuttonSometimes you love ‚Äòem, sometimes you despise ‚Äòem. Other times you think they‚Äôre in on some conspiratorial ring that is out to get you and make sure you never have a decent hand to play. They are the dealers in the casinos, the ones who toss us our cards, and some would say our fates, at the tables we play around the world. And early this morning, at the 2005 WSOP, a champion among them was decided. Beating out a field of 662–an all-time record by almost 400 players–Andy Nguyen, a 43-year old Vietnamese-American poker dealer at Binion‚Äôs Casino in Vegas, won the Casino Employees World Championship. With the first cards dealt at noon, it took a full 14 hours to reach a final table that consisted of 8 poker dealers and 1 craps dealer. For his win, Nguyen takes home an impressive $83,390 along with a world champion‚Äôs bracelet. Finishing second was Danilo Flores, a poker dealer at the Oaks Card Club in Emeryville, CA., who receives $43,195 for his efforts. The only non-poker dealer at the final table, craps dealer Thang Luu, took third and a $23,830 cash prize.

While the field was open to all casino employees it certainly isn’t surprising that the final table was loaded with poker dealers. Rumor has it a few blackjack dealers from Atlantic City kept trying to double down when dealt 6-5 off and even yelled out “BlackJack” whenever they got Big Slick.

Another interesting tidbit: 4 at the final table work in Vegas casinos, 3 in California, 1 from Kansas City and just one from outside the U.S., a dealer from Canadian Casinos in British Columbia who kept saying “It’s aboot time” whenever the cards started coming.

Thanks to Nolan Dalla, World Series of Poker Media Director, for posting the tournament results at Poker Player.


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