The DoJ Isn’t Effing Around: 10 More Domains Seized; New Indictments Issued

The DoJ is getting all up in online gaming site's kitchen.

The Department of Justice (DoJ) is really, really, super serious about cracking down on online gaming, huh?

A little over a month after The Events of 4/15TM, the DoJ issued new indictments and seized domains of well-known poker and sports betting sites.

Among the 10 domains seized were,, and

The three newly indicted individuals are Darren Wright and David Parchomchuk of BetEd and Ann Marie Puig of BMX Entertainment, a payment processor. A total of 11 bank accounts were seized as well.

The sites were busted after the Department of Homeland Security set up a fake payment processing company used to interact with the sites called Linwood Payment Solutions. Starting in 2009, Linwood processed over 300,000 payments for the online gaming sites totaling over $33 million.

Definitely not a good sign for online poker sites that decided to stay in the U.S. market. Expect to see more sites pull a BetUS and get the fuck out of Dodge. And by “Dodge” we mean U.S. America.

Also, earlier on Monday one of the Black Friday 11, Bradley Franzen, pled guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud, accepting funds in connection with unlawful Internet gambling, and to conspiracy to commit money laundering. Consider that not good news for the indicted individuals at PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and AP/UB.

We first saw the new indictments on Tao of Poker, so read more here. Get a more detailed breakdown of the indictments on BLUFF here.

UPDATE: And maybe in a preemptive strike against the DoJ, has switched its domain to Read their message.


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