The DUEL OF THE CENTURY: Spek Responds

Earlier in the week, we posted a challenge from soon-to-be-featured-at-the-Aussie-Millions-Jeff-Sealey to online blogger and respected self-promoter Spek.  Not too long after the challenge was issued, Spek responded with the following:

    Spektacular_1I’ve read your post and also read a few articles on Jeff…Obviously, $600 is pocket change to this guy– he’s a poker pro who placed 5th in the Australian open and I made a few hundred grinding it out on small $20 sngs…see a difference? Anyway, I’m not risking my whole bankroll on one heads up. I will, however, play him 1 on 1 in pokerstars for $100 + whatever the PS rake. If he choses to accept, let me know and we’ll set a date.


Seems reasonable.  Sealey of course is game, so all that now stands in the way for the DUEL OF THE CENTURY to take place is the details. Also, for all you bloggers out there, Spek will be hosting a tournament on Poker Stars for you to test your skills against the guy who is building his bankroll from $10 to…who knows? Check it out and sign up…if you dare.


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