The Entities to Enter Dream Team Poker This Saturday


We tried to get half Filipina, half Puerto Rican model Justene Jaro as a last minute fill in for Snake, but a little thing called a "restraining order" got in the way. Apparently it's illegal to stand outside someone's window with your pants around your ankles every day for a week. Whatever. View more (some NSFW) photos of Jaro here.

Not sure how it's happened so quickly, but Dream Team Poker seems to be building some pretty big buzz. So…the Entities who compromise Wicked Chops Poker are entering the fray to find out what the big deal is.

Chops, The Addict, and (filling in for Snake) special guest Entity Jason Calacanis (bio here) are forming Team Wicked Chops for this weekend's DTP stop at Caesar's Palace.

The basic gist of Dream Team Poker is each group ponies up a collective $1,500 to compete in a traditional no limit tourney. The team with the best wins. So if you donk off your chips early, you're not out yet, as you can root on the rest of your team and still win.

We'll be going up against defending champs Team Bluff (???), Team Yo Mama (Tiffany Michelle, Maria Ho and Lacey Jones) and Team Favorites (Phil Hellmuth, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, and Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss), among others.

This tour stop actually sold out already, so you'll have to wait until the next one to enter your own team.

More to come…but look for updates on WCP later this week and when the event kicks off on Saturday at noon PST. Read more about this weekend's event here and check out the DTP website here.


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  1. Brian G.

    March 25, 2009 7:59 pm, Reply

    I am planning a poker bender to Vegas this weekend and did not know about this until now. Any way to identify you guys if one were so inclined to look out for you? I’d love to shake each of your hands.

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