The Fairer Sex Faring Well on Day 1B at the Bike

Despite what Anna Benson may think, Wicked Chops Poker loves women poker players. So after rubbing our eyes to make sure we read the chip counts right, asking our current/first wives to look at the chip counts to make sure we read them right, calling up friends who use different servers to make sure they are reading the same thing we are, and then having a collective heart attack, we were not surprised at all to see no less than seven women in contention after Day 1B at the WPT Legends of Poker tournament.

Clonie_gowen_maximJennifer Tilly (72,000), Liz Lieu (60,500), Clonie Gowen (at right from her Maxim photo shoot, with 41,000), Jennifer Harmon (38,500), Tobey Maguire (31,500), Jennifer Leigh (27,900), and Vanessa Rousso (21,700) all made it through Day 1B in decent shape.

All of these fine women though trail Day 1B chip leader Masoud Pourhabib, who may or may not be of Middle Eastern descent, and who is stacked at 125,000.

Other notable big stacks include: Joe Sebok (72,000), JC Tran (70,000), Scott Lazar (65,000), Amnon Filppi (60,000), Victor Ramdin (51,000), Michael "the Grinder" Mizrachi (47,500), and Jean-Robert Bellande (45,000).


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