The Final Four

It’s taken nine hours, but we’re now down to four.

Andrew Black’s pocket tens (pocket tens being a pivotal hand tonight) were cracked by Steve Dannenmann’s A-K (a King hit on the turn), and our former chip leader goes home with $1.75M.  Earlier, Scott Lazar was knocked out in 6th place when his Q-T fell to Andrew Black’s Jacks.  Daniel Bergsdorf went home in 7th when his Jacks were busted by Black’s trip Tens.

Play is loosening up some.  Aaron Kanter has doubled through Tex Barch.  Both were all in, and Kanter showed A-7.  Barch had A-Q.  The flop though gave Kanter trip 7’s, and he took a chunk of Tex’s total. 

Approximate chip counts for the remaining four are now: Steve Dannenmann – 26,000,000, Tex Barch – 16,000,000, Aaron Kanter – 8,500,000, and Joe Hachem – 5,000,000.


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