The Following are Wicked Chops Poker Trademarks(TM)

This Hot Railbird is Trademarked

Pictures of hot chicks railbirding guys out-of-focus…trademarked.

There seems to be a lot of "confusion" right now among the so-called poker "media" as to what we have trademarked and what we don’t. "Entities," we keep hearing, "we don’t want to be sued. It’s not kosher. Can you please tell us what you have trademarked … and … what you don’t?”

Listen, the last thing we want to be are a bunch of Litigious LennysTM, so here’s a list of the terms we have trademarked so you don’t overstep your bounds and we don’t have to get lawyers involved. Because no one likes lawyers. Not even lawyers.


The Year of the Pro
On life support
The action has been fast and furious (we’re looking at you, Card Player)
Litigious Lennys
Big named big stacks
So-called poker "media"
Sent to the rail
The Last Woman Standing
Chipping up
Tao of Poker
Guinness and Poker

Hopefully that sets things straight and you can proceed without the veil of uncertainty hanging over your head.

Also, if you use any of the above trademarked terms, you owe us five dollars.


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