The Grinder Chats + People Still Think Online Poker is Rigged

Grinder_3_1 Two-time WPT title winner Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi chatted up readers yesterday.  Mizrachi revealed that "The Grinder" nickname actually started as his online handle years ago.  Also revealing was that people still think online poker sites are rigged.  Grinder was late for the chat (a ghost in the machine?), so FOWCP Andrew Feldman held down the fort and was barraged with conspiracy theories on online poker (something tells us Jeremy from Birmingham has had to make more than a few Firepay deposits in his account recently), to which we had some thoughts on as well. Excerpts below:

Jeremy (Birmingham, AL): Andrew – Have you ever heard the term "pot-building" in regards to online sites dealing out drawing cards at the same time as strong hands on purpose in order to encourage the players to bet and call all the way down, thus increasing the size of the pot and subsequently the size of the rake? And if so, do you think that it is true?

Jeremy (Birmingham, AL): Andrew- Have you ever noticed that the number of bad beats online seems to be much greater than in real game play? Do you believe that online sites increase the number of bad beats so they get a bigger rake?

Chops (Wicked Chops Poker): Have you heard that online poker sites killed JFK and hid the aliens that crashed in Roswell, NM?

Andrew Feldman: Good old chops. Check out their poker site, usually has some good information, and if not information, maybe something else..:

Check out the full chat transcript on ESPN’s Poker Club.


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    April 7, 2006 8:19 am, Reply

    how are we supposed to read the whole article if we’re too cheap to pay for the INsider feature at

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