The Intense Stare of Scott Clements Captures First WPT Title

WptlogoWhen play was finished, all the drama surrounding the WPT North American Championship final table was no match for the intense stare of Scott Clements.

Yesterday we reported how two of the final table-ists, Kofi Faryke and Jeff Garza, had a bad history from their online days, as "actionjeff" had Faryke ("redsoxsux") banned from Poker Stars for possibly cheating.

But the drama wouldn’t last at the final table, as Garza and Faryke were eliminated in sixth and fifth place, respectively.

With the eliminations of Garzi and Faryke, that left Barry Greenstein, David Cloutier, Jonathan Little, and the intense stare of Scott Clements to battle it out for the title at what was widely regarded as one of the toughest WPT final tables in history. Eventually, the intense stare of Scott Clements won out, taking Jonathan Little down heads up for the crown. For the win, the intense stare of Scott Clements banked $1,387,224, his first WPT title, and a bump up to third in Card Player’s POY standings. Little takes home $680,862 and moves up to second in Card Player’s POY standings.

Get full final table payouts here.


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  1. Kaelaine Minton

    November 4, 2007 12:35 pm, Reply

    Correction: This is Scott Clements’ second WPT title. He won the Canadian Open Championship at Fallsview,Niagara last year.

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