The John McCain Gambling Fall-Out Link Dump

The way he’s polling right now and with the economy in the absolute shitter and with the back-firing pick of Sarah Palin as a running mate (after dropping Cookier), this all might not matter, but The New York Times ran an article yesterday that detailed John McCain‘s close ties to gambling lobbyists.

And the fall-out so far isn’t good.

Not sure what McCain did that was so bad (he was one of the first to take on Jack Abramoff, remember), but the article has caused some blow-back for his campaign. While we have no doubt that McCain would be bad for the potential online poker carve-out passed by Barney Frank and friends, given the current economic state, it might be a few years before McCain even gets around to that bill, and by then he’d be too old to remember what the Internet is anyway.

Some links:

  • If you haven’t yet, read the full NYT article. [link]
  • Barack Obama talks about his poker game (frequented by lobbyists). [link]
  • New DNC ad rips McCain’s gambling ties [link]
  • McCain’s campaign team is very tied to gambling lobbyists. [link]
  • Will McCain’s gambling alienate the Christian Right (who cares)? [link]
  • 40 gaming lobbyists is a lot of lobbyists now that we think about it. [link]

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  1. rob hunt

    October 1, 2008 1:07 am, Reply

    before you decide that obama’s your guy, try to remember that his pal deval patrick, governor of massachusetts, tried to make online poker a FELONY in his state in order to protect three proposed injun casinos in his state

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