The Howard Lederer Files: Part I

Hat’s off to Poker News and Matt Parvis for getting the first post-Black Friday Howard Lederer interview.

Part I dropped on Tuesday. Howard comes right out and says, “I am one person in what was a very complicated situation. I don’t have all the answers and all the facts.” It’s unfortunate that he tries to instantly absolve himself of knowledge of the company because let’s be clear about something: Howard might not know every single fact about Full Tilt Poker–but he knows more than anyone else.

Howard details the beginnings of Full Tilt Poker, including who the original money in the company was (Phil Ivey, Andy Bloch, Perry Friedman, etc.) and how the company launched. He doesn’t sound like he was overly impressed with Ray Bitar at first (or in general), which is interesting considering how much he attached the company’s success and management to him. He does seem to have a fonder opinion of Chris Ferguson.

Interesting stuff. Watch in full above or on Poker News here.


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