The Leyser Affidavit

Leyseraffidavit21_1Earlier today while (not so) busy breaking news that Jamie Gold filed a motion to move the Leyser suit to federal court, the entities that comprise Wicked Chops Enterprises LLC engaged in a heated discussion concerning the tax implications surrounding Crispin Leyser’s claims, except replace “heated” with “frequently off-track and mildly interested.” While we were on-track though the conversation focused primarily on Leyser’s statement in paragraph 6 of the affidavit he filed in support of his complaint. It says:

“I am concerned that if Defendant transfers my 50% of the winnings from the Rio Hotel and Casino to an unknown account and does not fill out a form 5754 and direct the casino to provide two separate W-2G forms, that there will be adverse tax consuquences and that I will be unable to collect the $6,000,000 that I am entitled to received.”

Read the entire Leyser Affidavit here.

Form 5754 and W-2G, by the way, are the tax forms U.S. residents must fill out to report gambling winnings and money withheld on those winnings, and Leyser’s statement refers to what Gold allegedly told him in his now-famous $6 million voicemail message:

“I have the best tax attorneys and the best minds in the business working for me from New York and LA and what we’re probably going to do is set up a Nevada Corporation and it’s going to…I have to pay out of the corporation. I can’t just pay out personally because I could get nailed.”

Now, it’s way too late on the Friday before Labor Day weekend to get into a discussion here about shell corporations, Form 5754s, multiple payouts, gift tax considerations, the bird and the bees, why men have nipples, etc., but it is worth noting that the Leyser-Gold dispute could have a lot more to do with a disagreement over how to deal with potential tax consequences than Gold welching on his word, and in fact, at no time has Gold denied that him and Leyser had a deal. The only thing that has been said is that Gold’s disappointed that Leyser “has elected to file litigation rather than continue the parties’ discussions in an effort to find a resolution to this matter.”

What those discussions were, it isn’t clear. Gold’s publicists are still too busy trying to fuck a football to even point us in the right direction as Gold’s name continues to get dragged in the mud.

Why didn’t Steve Dannenmann and Jerry Ditzell have this problem last year when they split Dannenmann’s winnings? Well, perhaps it’s because those Maryland folks are simpler than them Hollywood types. Or more likely it’s because Dannenmann is a CPA and knows his shit. And perhaps Dannenmann’s good name, word and friendship meant more to him than anything else.

Come to think of it, maybe Gold should hire Dannenmann as his accountant, because there’s a lot Gold could learn from a guy like Dannenmann.




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  1. snake

    September 2, 2006 9:14 am, Reply

    the Leyser affidavit IS our parting shot…isn’t it hot? legal stuff is so dirty.
    anyway, just for you, here are a few pages worth looking at over the weekend:
    :: One of our favorite things about Jessica Alba
    :: About 100 Reasons to still like Lindsey Lohan even though she’d annoy the shit out of us if she was our girlfriend
    :: Paz Vega is the hottest Latin girl we’ve seen in the last 5 minutes, except for Jessica Alba
    :: What … those photos of Jessica Alba weren’t enough for you?
    :: NFL cheerleaders are basically hot strippers too hot to strip.

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