The ONYX Cup Does Not Wrap Its First Event This Weekend

The ONYX Cup had us almost as excited as newly discovered Keeley Hazell pics.

One major casualty from The Events of 4/15TM that has already quickly been forgotten about is Full Tilt Poker’s ONYX Cup.

The first Cup event would’ve wrapped this weekend.

We were unabashed fans of the Cup. A series of super-high buy-in events pitting most of the best-of-the-best against each other, well, it would’ve generated interest and buzz.

In some alternate universe, Erik Seidel is probably celebrating his first ONYX Cup victory right now by doing blow off of Johnny Chan‘s back, whom he paid $10,000 to use as a human table for the weekend.


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  1. kosh

    May 16, 2011 12:54 am, Reply

     That pic reminds me of something Max Rofls said in a recent Micros episode

    “Und teets beeger zen my head”

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