“The Poker Rap” By TheDudeMan Best Rap Song About Poker Ever?

Let’s face it. When Prahlad Friedman "dropped" his "Poker Is Fun" on an unsuspecting public, it set poker rap back for ages.

"Poker Is Fun" is widely recognized to have done to poker rap exactly what Vanilla Ice did to white boy rappers (save the Beasties and a one-off shot by Young Black Teenagers) in the 90’s.

Then along came Eminem, flippin’ scripts and shit, making it cool for white boys to rap again.

And today, we learned of someone would could possibly do the same for poker rap.

Out of the Full Contact Poker forum nowhere, a poker rap video has emerged that may very well be the poker rap equivalent of "My Name Is." It’s a game changer.

An artist known as TheDudeMan released his "The Poker Rap," which unless you’re retarded and haven’t figured it out yet, is a rap song about poker. And a pretty good one too.

While the graphical treatment of the video could best be described as "shitty Word Art," the lyrics are pretty solid. Take for instance this gem about busting out of the 2007 WSOP:

"…maybe God missed my plea while he was taking a pee/Or maybe Jerry Yang was just praying harder than me."

TheDudeMan later pays homage to Brandon "pimprexel" by spittin’, "I can’t believe y’all still fall for Brandi Hawbaker…"

And then showing he may be an industry insider, he references the Jimmy Fricke sponsorship "scandal" by calling out "JDN," the man responsible for the email faux-pas.*

Watch the video below. And after the jump, watch Snoop Dogg perform "Sensual Seduction" in Las Vegas last week with a bunch of girls completely naked save some well-placed body paint.

* First and last use of a French word ever on this site.


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