The PPA Cannot Be Denied

PPA Fly In

People from all across the country attended the PPA Fly In in D.C. 12 people. From all across the country.

The PPA staged a Million Man Minus 999,988 March on Tuesday, dubbed a Fly In™, to show support for Federal legislation of online poker.

A Bernie Madoff fundraiser could pull bigger numbers.

To be fair, it was a decent idea. And there were several big name bill sponsors in attendance to address the media and the gathered horde, including Rep. Joe Barton, Rep. John Campbell and Sen. D’Amato. Representing the players were Greg Raymer, we eschewed his standard socks and sandals attire, and Linda Johnson, who eschewed wearing a bra.

Kidding kidding.

If you laughed at any line in this entire post, then go to the PPA site and donate some money to support the cause here.

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2 Responses

  1. Modesty324

    May 25, 2011 1:57 am, Reply

    “A Bernie Madoff fundraiser could pull bigger numbers…”

    What the fuck is wrong with you guys?  Unless you were one of these 12 people at the ‘fly in’, then you have NOTHING to complain about!

    In fact, the tone of your writing makes it come off as if you’re making fun of the actual people who showed up at the hill trying to make a difference, when in reality, you should have made fun of all the fucking lazy ass douche bags who DIDN’T.

    If you want change in the world you have to be the change – and not sit at your fucking computer typing away complaining about the few who are actually trying to make things happen.

    Now go do the right thing assholes (and that includes getting a fucking haircut you fucking morons – what do you think this is? The 80’s?)…

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