The Sky is Falling, Everywhere

As James pointed out in his comment to our last post, and as confirmed by the Man in Melbourne Pauly himself (nice pic dump by the way), Kristy Gazes, a woman, has made the final table of the Aussie Millions, which of course is a major poker tournament, which, as we’ve said before, would lead to some serious social, moral, ethical, religious, geopolitical, environmental, scientific, meteorological, pharmaceutical, astronomical, and diabolical implications if indeed she pulled through and won the damn thing.

And sure, if this happens (yeh right), entities such as Full Tilt Poker will likely come out and say “A woman winning a major poker tournament has no impact on the state of the world.”

But we entities no better. And so we’ll be keeping tabs of the final table over at Tao Of Poker and waiting with bated breath, whatever that means, from the comfort of our underground bunker.


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