The Ten Most Wicked Stories of 2007 – Part II

With Pamela paying off her poker debt and Hellmuth’s car crash out of the way, on to numbers eight and seven.

Tobeymaguire1_28) Poker Player Prop Bets More Interesting Than The Poker. With a few exceptions, the action off the felt was much more interesting than the action on the felt this year. Thank God for booze and dudes with a lot of money who aren’t afraid to gamble it. Some stand-out prop bets this year include Erick Lindgren’s epic 72-hole golf marathon (below), Gavin Smith getting Joe Sebok’s initials tat’d, Bill Gazes getting bonked with a Tobeymag_2football, and the WPT 12 hour, $15k pool bet in Turks and Caicos, an island whose capital city is named Cockburn Town, if we failed to mention that before.

7) Celebs Represent at WSOP Main Event. While the final table was far from star-studded at the 2007 WSOP Main Event, it certainly had tons of potential when the bubble broke. Lemur look-alike Tobey Maguire (right) went deep, as did Godsmack lead singer Sully Erna for the second year in a row, Old School director Todd Philips, and Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon.

Numbers six and five (much) later today…


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