The TO: People Hail Caesar’s + Lindsay Lohan is Starving for Nachos

The well of poker content (or poker content we’d like to cover, at least) is running dry this week.  Maybe not Ethiopia-1984-dry, but maybe more like July-in-Seattle-dry.  Anyway, we here at Wicked Chops Poker are starving for content.  So much so that we can barely bring you a full TOKE.  With that in mind, we bring you this TO (pronounced "toe").

Lindsay Lohan poker :: Lots of people at WSOPC at Caesar’s.  Over 650 quote-unquote rounders entered the first WSOPC event at Caesar’s last week, breaking some sort of record.  More than 600 people sweated the more the 600 entrants.  So apparently, people are still jazzed about poker.  Did we mention we’ll be at Caesar’s in two days?  Just in case we didn’t, we’ll be at Caesar’s in two days.  Card Player

:: What a surprise, we nail another prediction.  We have wicked prediction chops.  Just yesterday, we predicted that Paris Hilton’s latest dumpee, Starvos Niarchos (aka Starving Nachos) would be hooking up with Lindsay Lohan soon.  Hours after that prediction was made, rumors began floating that Niarchos and Lohan have in fact been rabbit-dancing.  Scary.  WWTDD


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