The TOKE: A $50k Getaway, Party Plummeting, Bond vs. Penguins + Keeley’s Casino Royale Spread

Been awhile since our last The TOKE. Some quick hits of recent news:

:: How to scoop a $50k pot. And by "scoop" we mean "rob at gunpoint." Newsday reports that "armed bandits" robbed a poker fundraiser in Long Island over the weekend, making off with around $50k. To this we ask, "people still call gun-toting robbers ‘armed bandits?’" Did they hop in their Model T and "make off with the loot lickity split, you see"? Newsday

:: PartyPoker’s popularity plunges. According to Launch Poker, PartyPoker, a mainstay as one of the top two most poker sites in the entire universe, slipped down to the number three most popular cash game site last week, surpassed by Full Tilt Poker. We’ll go out on a limb and say this may have to do with Party not 2063_1_evagreenaccepting U.S. players anymore. Somewhere in India, Anurag Dikshit is crying…over the billions he cashed out before Party pulled out of the U.S. market, that is. Launch Poker

:: New James Bond popular, but not as popular as animated penguins. The new James Bond flick Casino Royale, which from what we understand involves poker and Eva Green (at right), took in a hearty $40M+ in weekend box office, which is great, but not good enough to top Happy Feet, an animated movie about penguins. Fucking penguins. Box Office Mojo

:: Keeley Hazell Does Casino Royale and a Poker Table. Speaking of the new Bond flick, Keeley Hazell, Michelle Marsh and some other girls did a Casino Royale-inspired spread for London’s Page 3, and it isn’t so NSFW as it is completely NSFW. This photo (yes, NSFW) by the way is our favorite of the series. You can get your Casino Royale on over at the Page 3 Casino or check out a video of the shoot here. See the spread (did we mention it’s NSFW?) at Daily Niner


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