The TOKE: A Priest, A Prodigy, and Another New Poker Room

:: Forgive me father… A Romanian priest for Negoesti village in Gorj county is facing defrockment after being caught playing poker in a pub.  According to a police spokesperson, "There were nine men at the table playing poker but only three of them had money in front of their seats. I was stoned when I heard one of them was a priest." He was stoned?  Either something is lost in translation here, or Romanian cops are hitting donut shops for totally different reasons than the 5-0 in Ivey_attack_2_3the States.  Ananova

:: Tiger Woods is the Phil Ivey of golf.  Enough.  Ok.  We get it.  He’s good.  Every poker player in the world not named Phil Hellmuth readily recognizes that Phil Ivey is the best player in the world.  Now, two mags have done the same…at least for the past 12 months.  Both Bluff and All In have named Phil Ivey their player of the year. Yahoo! | All In

:: Just in case you didn’t have enough options already… Another day, another new poker site with a gimmicky sign-up feature has launched.  Touchstone Poker’s lure is a 100% Welcome Bonus + Free Tournament Pass (for up to $200) to all first-time depositors. The best part though is the press release drops names like donkey’s drop dollars, saying, "Top celebrities like Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Matt Damon and Toby McGuire are even found playing the game more often off screen than on screen." And, "players like Phil Helmuth, Annie Duke and Daniel Negreanu, today‚Äôs hottest poker celebs, play online regularly to keep up their game and keep in touch with their fans." Of course, these players don’t play Touchstone, but their valiant attempt to mislead the reader did not go unnoticed. PR Web


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    January 17, 2006 7:08 am, Reply

    Hey Chops…
    Heading to Dallas This weekend… any hot spots or games you can pass along to take part in???

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