The TOKE: Absolute Grinder, Pam Does Doyle, + Poker Dame on Poker Dome

With the WSOP underway, let’s catch-up on some loose ends, or tie up some loose ends, or report on some stories related to poker, before what will surely be a month’s plus worth of tournament coverage. And pics of half-naked women. We’ll find a way to work those in too. Don’t worry.

:: Absolute Poker adds humanoid to its stable. Joining FsOWCP Mark Seif and Lacey Jones, Absolute Poker has signed arguably the best NLH tournament player in the world right now, Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, as an endorser of the site. As you know, The Grinder is a machine. He even said as much in his intro at the USPC. Seriously, he did. Quote: ‚ÄúI am Michael Mizrachi and I am a machine.‚Äù We’d continue making fun of him for this, except: 1) we begrudgingly admit he’s a better poker player than us and he has somewhat earned the right to say ridiculous things that even a kindergartner would be made fun of for saying, and 2) he’s a big guy, and if he punched us in the face, it would probably hurt. Tons. And we like our faces. They‚Äôre good-looking faces.   BLUFF

Pamelaanderson:: Pamela Anderson stars in video where she’s not naked or getting drilled by a guy with a horse c**k. PETA proponent Pam Anderson, who was bumped by poker as one of the so-called “Internet’s” top search terms, decided that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. She‚Äôs now lending her assets to star in a TV commercial promoting We may or may not have more to add on this ad later in the week, but for now, we‚Äôll just move on and avoid making the obvious STACKED or rack joke, which is tempting, because she has a big rack, which is word associated with poker, and we like making those kinds of jokes. Online Gambling Insider

:: Jen Leo to wear Wicked Chops Poker shirt on Poker Dome. FOWCP Jen Leo qualified for Mansion Poker’s Poker Dome. Which is awesome. She’ll be wearing a Wicked Chops Poker shirt. Which is more awesome. And totally fabricated. But that would be awesome. The show is taped on July 9th and airs on the 23rd. Read about it on her blog. Jen Leo Live!


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