The TOKE: AK-Rod Raided, Shout at the Button, + a Dikshitty Investment?

:: A-Rod Raided.  Sort of.  After his lackluster performance against the Angels, the only hits Alex Rodriguez has been getting is to his rep (for example, Skip Bayless now calls him C-minus Rod).  Actually, there is one thing A-Rod has been hitting the past few weeks, and that’s a poker room in NYC.  Which was just busted.  Since A-K is the most over-valued hand in no limit hold’em, it seems fitting that we call A-Rod "AK-Rod" from here on out.  So…while AK-Rod wasn’t arrested or charged (or there the night of the raid), 13 dealers and other club workers were.  This is part of an ongoing crack-down on high-stake card rooms in Gotham.  Somebody needs to shine a big SJS light in the sky so Senator John Sabini will come to the rescue.  New York Daily News

Bobbie_1:: Crue Cuts Cards for Charity.  Motley Crue fleshy frontman Vince Neil is hosting a charity hold’em tournament in Vegas on November 11.  For $540, you can rub shoulders with Brett Michaels, Jani Lane, Mike Tramp, Peter Loran Black, and the world’s worst lyricist, Chad Kroeger.  Ok, we don’t know if any of those washed-up has-beens will be there (or if they can afford the buy-in, except for maybe Kroeger).  And if any of them had an extra $540 laying around, it would probably go to convincing Bobbi Brown (seen right, more pics at the jump) to take them back.  Regardless, the proceeds of this charity do go to a good cause: cocaine for Vince Neil.  Kidding.  It goes to his charity foundation. Poker Mag Online

:: Poker IPO the new Internet IPO.  Another poker company has gone public.  This time, it’s South Carolina-based PokerTek (PTEK, NASDAQ).  Whether or not its founders make out as well as the Bill Gates of poker, Anurag Dikshit, remains to be seen.  As in, we’ll never see it, cause they won’t.  After one day of trading, PTEK closed below it’s IPO price.  Fold.  Launch Poker



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