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It’s been a slow news weekend, but we had to get that pic of Kirstie Alley pushed from the top of the homepage, so we’re cobbling together a rather meaningless TOKE to do just that. 

Victoriasilvstedt :: People who are seemingly important in the poker industry to gather in Sweden as an excuse to ogle beautiful blond bombshells.  The date: June 27-28, 2006. The place: the City Conference Center in Stockholm, Sweden. The event: The World Poker Congress. This year’s theme: "You played that crap?"*  Someone or some people are organizing the first World Poker Congress in Sweden, home of long-limbed beautiful women with morally casual attitudes (more pics at the jump).  The loftily named World Poker Congress will address both online and brick & mortar business concerns from the worldwide poker industry and, you know, discuss things of relevance for the good of the people, by the people, and for the people.  It will then grow into some unmanageable bureaucratically largessed cluster-fuck controlled by lobbyists and special interest groups–its leaders will be bogged down in prosecuting or being prosecuted in scandal after scandal–only to eventually "sign-off" on an ill-conceived war against IraqPoker 777

::  Waaaaiiit a minute here, Italians are corrupt? If you think our Government is crooked, we ain’t got nothin’ on the I-talians.  In Exhibit 1,908,768,899 of Italian-shadiness, here’s the latest offense, as reported by Poker News: "Italy had banned over 800 online poker and gaming sites from operating in the country. Through blocking of the respective sites by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Italy, they were virtually able to eliminate traffic from Italians towards those sites. Soon after-wards, the Italian government announced that the gaming operation Eurobet was allowed to operate inside the borders, essentially setting up a government sponsored monopoly on online gaming and poker."  This move, called the Italian Finance Act, for some reason hasn’t been received well in the online world. In related news, how about that AJ kid trying to whack Uncle Junior in last night’s Sopranos?  Seriously, can that kid do anything right? Poker News

:: This guy claims that poker is a sport.  Only read this if you’re into self-mutilation or have already read every article ever published on the so-called "Internet."  Poker Player Newspaper

*Not this year’s theme.

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  1. Carmen

    May 1, 2006 6:00 pm, Reply

    Wow – gotta love those Italians. I guess monopolies are legal over there. Thank god my relatives migrated over here before I was born.

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